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Mita s.r.l. is a manufacturer of underwear specialized in woman underwear. Founded as a handicraft firm in 1970 Mita began as sole trader. 

On October 22, 1986 Mita became a company and was registered with the n 483044 at the Chamber of Commerce in Milan.

Mita works on the domestic underwear market with a range of medium-high quality products manufacturing about 400,000 items a year: bras, briefs, coordinated underwear, one-pieces, bodyshapers, stripe throng panties, push-ups, teddies, panties, boxers, baby-dolls, sexy garments, fashionable underwear, preformed cups, underwired support bras.

Mita's corsetry line is of medium-high level and is directed to a young, fashionable attentive female target conscious of a fair relation between quality and price. These consumers dress in a sexy, intriguing and alluring way.
Mita uses the following fabrics: Lycra, stretch cotton, lace, jacquard tronic, fibrefill, Lycra cotton, cotton, mercerised cotton, wires, shapers.

Mita has a series of periodically renewed special offers.